“Used” does not simply mean used.
All our mixers undergo rigorous checks before they are sold. We ensure they are fully functional and are in a good general condition with no pronounced wear and tear.
Our refurbished machines undergo the following overhaul processes:
The used mixer will be completely dismantled and thoroughly cleaned.
All parts will be inspected and replaced if required due to severity of wear and tear.
The mixing equipment, the base and side panels will be checked and replaced if necessary.


The mixing equipment housing will be dismantled and new bearings and seals inserted.
All gear wheels will be inspected and replaced as necessary.

ref01 ref05

The ball bearing ring will be inspected and replaced as necessary.


The discharge gate will be checked, repaired and parts replaced as necessary.
The hydraulic system will be checked and repaired. Filters will be replaced.

ref08 ref07

Metal parts such as the dust cover, outlet-box, contact protection etc. will be repaired or replaced.


All motors will be dismantled, cleaned, checked and repaired or replaced as necessary. If needed motors will be re-bushed, a new coating of isolation finish applied with rewinding or complete replacement performed as necessary.


Any other parts will be checked and repaired or replaced as necessary.
All components will be cleaned and derusted by sandblasting.
The components will be primed and then painted.

0a ref04
The mixer will be reassembled.
All limit switches will be replaced.
The mixer will be rewired.


All lubricants and the hydraulic-oil will be changed.
The discharge gate, the end switches and the central lubrication unit (if applicable) will be pre-set.
To finish we will check all functions of the mixer.
We provide a warranty of 12 months for all our refurbished mixers.