About us

Our core business consists of the refurbishing of Eirich mixers and construction components such as scales, pelletizers or inclined lifts.

Before starting the refurbishment all machines will be completely dismantled and their parts will be cleaned to carry out an intensive check-up of each part.

Subsequent the machine will be rebuilt whereupon motor, wear parts, mixing tools and the filler openings will not be completed yet. These components will be produced after our customer has specified the mixing duty.

Based on our long-term experience the machines will be configured in an optimal way for the respective mixing duty, completed and exported worldwide.

Due to these proceedings our customers achieve a machine in mint condition which is exactly produced to the customer’s requirements.

Each machine will be delivered with an original Eirich documentation, consisting of user manual, safety regulations and spare-parts list. Basis for this spare-parts list is the current technical specification of our customer. Therefore a sustainable, worldwide spare-part supply of any parts from the original equipment manufacturer is guaranteed beyond years to come.

As a matter of course we will support our customers in the dismantling of their old plant and in assembling their new machines as well as the following start-up, if requested.
If applicable we are willing to accept your old construction components in part-exchange.

Since the sandblasting section composition we also sandblast steel parts on customer order in which we are specialised on all sorts of construction components and machines.